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In late 2012, Johannes Heselberger, Peter Guntz, and Christoph Ann started planning Munich’s first international patent law conference.

The plan was to have
prominent patent judges from four to six prime patent law jurisdictions present their thoughts on one topic – before other patent judges, patent litigators, and patent law scholars. By providing judges with an opportunity to explain and have their decisions’ rationales discussed, the conference aimed at promoting the harmonization of patent law throughout Europe .
By the same token, the conference was designed to provide
patent litigators with a day, on which to discuss issues with the
judges who later will decide their cases – frank, open, and all
views and arguments untainted by the smoke of battle!

The conference being
one topic means : in-depth coverage of one topic that is of relevance for patent litigation from the angle of four or five important patent law jurisdictions.

The conference being
international means : English is the only language with no translation provided, which makes for direct exchange between all participants from usually between 25 and 30 countries.

The conference being
non-profit means : cost shall not be a factor keeping anyone from participating, especially judges, whose courts are notoriously short of budget.

The conference being
one day means : added benefit, because participation does not need to come with any additional cost for lodging and cost a second day.

Conference organisers are the Munich Technical University’s Chair for Intellectual Property Law, the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice, and the Regional Court Munich I. The European Patent Office has substantially supported all conferences. Support also has come from the Munich Bar Association (Rechtsanwaltskammer München). Johannes Heselberger (Bardehle Pagenberg) co-organised the first seven conferences, but in 2019 withdrew in order to focus on other tasks.

Last but not least, the Association of Friends of IP at TUM bears the conference’s entrepreneurial risk.
If you want to bring your conference fee down to zero, join the Association . Annual contribution is EUR 600, tax deductible, and it comes with one conference voucher, worth EUR 400. Thus joining the Association of Friends of IP at TUM as a member is an elegant way to save money. It’s a great deal!
Christoph Ann